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The Living Land: Monthly News for September 2016

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Photo: Nigel Kent

Land Trust Expands Network of Conserved Land at the South End of Canandaigua Lake 

The latest addition to the Land Trust’s holdings is a scenic 18-acre parcel overlooking the south end of Canandaigua Lake and the West River in Naples, Ontario County.  Located on Greisa Hill Road, the property features meadows as well as a rugged gorge and hillside woodlands above State Route 21.  See the Story.

Photo: Marie Read

Photo: Marie Read

Partnership Protects Bald Eagle Habitat at Owasco Flats

The Land Trust has acquired 33 acres near the south end of Owasco Lake in partnership with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Villages of Montour Falls and Watkins Glen. The property was purchased as part of a mitigation project aimed at offsetting the disturbance of Bald Eagle habitat near Seneca Lake. See the Story.

Photo: FLLT

Photo: FLLT

We Want to Hear from You! Join Us to Learn about the Houghton Land Preserve

Earlier this summer, Jamie and Maisie Houghton donated 195 acres of land on Spencer Hill to the Land Trust. To learn more about our plans for this beautiful property, join us on Wednesday, September 21 from 7:00-8:00 pm at the United Steel Workers Local 1000 Union Hall at 100 Civic Center Plaza in Corning.  Learn more.

Photo: FLLT

Photo: FLLT

Lands Surrounding Mark Twain’s Summer Home Conserved Forever

The Land Trust has accepted the donation of a conservation easement in the town of Elmira, Chemung County from KatheriCon, Chemuasemesoce Landthe Story.

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